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How to read Vernier Caliper?

How to read vernier caliper

How to read vernier caliper? A Vernier caliper is a precision instrument that measures inner or external dimensions and distances. It permits you to take extra precise measurements than you may with ordinary rulers and meter tape. A Vernier caliper can degree up to two decimal places  you want to …

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Vernier Caliper Introduction

Analog vernier caliper

Vernier Callipers Vernier calipers is a precision measuring instrument, vernier calipers can measure internal and external dimensions of an object extremely accurately. There may be a small portable graduated scale fixed on the principal scale is referred to as VERNIER or VERNIER SCALE, vernier scale is accountable for acquiring fractional …

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Systems of Measurement

systems of measurement

Measurement system, In order to associate the numbers with the physical quantities we need to have a measurement system and rules relating them to each other, a system of measurement is a set of units of fundamental quantities such as mass (weight), distance or length, area, and volume. There are four types system of measurement M.K.S System …

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