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Grinding Machine working principle

CNC Universal Grinding Machine

In this Article, We will briefly discuss Grinding Machine for which purpose Grinding Machine is used, parts and types of Grinding Machine and the Grinding Machine working principle. In the machining of parts, there are two processes by which a piece is shaped by material removal. These processes are chip …

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Welding Machine Working Principle

Welding Machine

In this article, we will discuss the Welding Machine Working Principle and types. If we go back thousands of years, we will also find welding processes. It is that the soldier has been around since the year 310. Over time the process was perfected and nowadays it is very simple …

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Gears applications and calculations

The gear mechanisms are essential for the operation of machines and engines. These make the output torque increase and can adjust the speed or direction of rotation. They are almost always used for the transition of rotary movements. But if the appropriate gears and toothed flat parts are used, they …

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Digital voltmeter working principle

digital voltmeter working principle

In electrical installations, one of the most important components is voltmeters. But this can also be used in a particular way, as long as there are two electrical terminals, one positive and the other negative. What is Voltmeter? A voltmeter is a measuring instrument that allows knowing the difference of …

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Durometer hardness test

One of the most vital homes that should be regarded approximately materials, in particular, if we’re talking about steel substances is the hardness of those. Durometer hardness test Believe a screw, however no longer any, but one which makes up the interior of an engine. This screw, while the engine …

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