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Steam Turbine Parts and Working

Steam Turbine internal

Steam Turbine Working The steam turbine is a type of engine turbomachine that modifies the energy coming from the steam flow in another kind of energy, mechanics. The turbines of this nature are often used in different power cycles employing a fluid having the property of changing phase. The most …

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Plumbing Tools

Different Plumbing tools

Plumbing tools When it comes to having to carry out activities that concern the installation of pipes for drinking water networks as well as waste, heating, among others, it is important to have tools that allow these jobs to be carried out quickly and efficiently. What are the plumbing tools? The tools of plumbing are those tools …

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lux meter working principle

It is very common to hear about lux meter in different areas. From the hygiene and safety of a place or place of work, even in photography, in order for example to shoot a movie and more. What is a lux meter? A lux meter is a device that allows you to measure the light or luminosity that exists …

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