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In This Category, all the articles are related to the Mechanical power plants. All the machines, tools and instruments used in power plants are discussed here.

Diesel Engines Parts and Operation

Diesel Engine Advantages and Disadvantages

Since they were created, diesel engines have been used primarily in the industrial field and in heavy vehicles. This has been due to outstanding characteristics of this kind of engine, including hardness and low consumption. Although gasoline and diesel engines are used for similar tasks, the latter is preferred when …

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Hydraulic Turbine Working Principle, Types and Application

Hydraulic Turbine Working Principle The hydraulic turbine is a motor device that is responsible for transforming kinetic energy into potential energy. It takes energy from a fluid, usually water, transforming it into rotating energy . This movement mobilizes a machine or an electric generator so that the rotating mechanical energy …

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How does hydraulic fracturing work?

How does hydraulic fracturing work

Hydraulic fracturing or fracking is a technique applied to the extraction of natural gas or oil in unconventional deposits. It involves creating several channels with high permeability by means of high-pressure water injection, in order to overcome the resistance of the rock and to form a controlled fracture in the …

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Steam Turbine Parts and Working

Steam Turbine internal

Steam Turbine Working The steam turbine is a type of engine turbomachine that modifies the energy coming from the steam flow in another kind of energy, mechanics. The turbines of this nature are often used in different power cycles employing a fluid having the property of changing phase. The most …

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Centrifugal pump working principle

Heavy Duty End Suction Centrifugal Pump

Centrifugal pump working principle If we reflect on consideration on all of the industries that need to move business fluids, we might be thinking that hundreds of thousands of liters of fluids (along with water) are moved in keeping with day. And now not most effective the industries need fluid …

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How a thermocouple works?

how does a thermocouples works

Thermocouple The size of the temperature inside the industrial branch could be very crucial for exceptional procedures. It isn’t always, or path, a procedure as easy because the size of body temperature, that is accomplished through a completely easy device, inclusive of the mercury thermometer, or the digital one, which …

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