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lux meter working principle

It is very common to hear about lux meter in different areas. From the hygiene and safety of a place or place of work, even in photography, in order for example to shoot a movie and more.

What is a lux meter?

Lux Meter

lux meter is a device that allows you to measure the light or luminosity that exists in an environment with which light appears in the human eye. It is not the same as measuring the energy produced by a light source. The unit of measure is lux. A lux is the equivalent of the energy produced by a light source, to the human eye.

How does a lux meter work?

The operation of the lux meter is simple. This depends on the photovoltaic cells,  an integrated circuit that, when receiving a certain amount of light, are capable of transforming them into electricity. The amount of lux is known depending on the intensity of the electricity.

The lux meters can have different scales depending on the amount of light that you want to measure, to have a more accurate precision in case the luminosity is stronger or weaker.

How to use a lux meter?

We will explain the steps to follow to use a lux meter correctly.

  1. As a first step, you must place the photoreceptor, who is the one that receives the light, in front of the light source that you want to measure.
  2. As a second step, we must place the appropriate scale on the lux meter reader according to how strong or weak the light is. For example, if you want to measure the light of the moon, it should be a scale close to 1 lux. However, if you want to measure sunlight, we need a scale close to 100000 lux.
  3. Once everything is ready, you must press the power button of the reader, wait a few seconds until the reading appears.
  4. Once the reading appears, multiply the number by the chosen scale. Example if we choose a scale of 100 lux, and the measure was 30 the value is 30 * 100 = 3000 lux

Parts of a lux meter

The lux meter consists of two parts:

  • A photoreceptor. It is responsible for perceiving the light intensity that is wanted to be measured, and transforming it into electrical energy, which is then transported to the reader. Part of a photoresist.
  • A reader. It is in charge of receiving the electrical signal sent by the photoreceptor and transforming it into a measure of luminosity. Then this measurement is indicated on the screen.

Applications of a lux meter

  • Filmmakers and photographers. The lux meter was created in order to improve the brightness in movies and photographs.
  • Energy producers. They use the lux meters to optimize the use of light indoors and outdoors.
  • Meteorology. Measure the light in the sky, or that received by the soils of cities, fields, forests or greenhouses.
  • Hygiene and safety. It is used to check if any place of work could negatively affect workers due to its high or low amount of light.

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