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Different Plumbing tools
Plumbing tools

When it comes to having to carry out activities that concern the installation of pipes for drinking water networks as well as waste, heating, among others, it is important to have tools that allow these jobs to be carried out quickly and efficiently.

What are the plumbing tools?

The tools of plumbing are those tools that allow us to perform work with pipes in a simple and efficient way. There are different types where each tool has a different purpose.

Plumbing tools to unclog

One of the most common jobs in plumbing is unclogging pipes. Here we present the most common tools to uncover pipes.

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  • Cup plunger  The cup plunger is one of the best-known tools that everyone has in their home. It is used to uncover washes, tubs, showers, among others. It does not serve to unclog toilets since there is another special tool.
  • Lavabo Drill –  It is a tool used to break or unclog the washes and tubes.
  • Toilet drill –  Tool specially designed to remove plugs from toilets or toilets.
  • Drain with flange –  This tool is used to unclog the toilets. It is special for toilets because it has the shape of these and allows to better apply the vacuum and thus be greater the force it generates to uncover.

Union or fittings plumbing tools

  • Teflon tape or plumbing  – It is a white Teflon tape, which is used to hermetically seal when two tubes are screwed, such as water pipe connections. It allows no leaks to be leaked.
  • Wrench –  One of the most common tools that a plumber does not lack is the wrench. This is used to adjust pipe threads, nuts, washers, among other things.
  • Wrench – It has the same function as the wrench, only that its design allows to adjust parts that the wrench would not be able to do.
  • Chain wrench – It is a type of wrench with a special design that has a shank and a steel pivot where the chain is hooked. Widely used in pipe installations where there is no key to the diameter of the pipe to be adjusted.
  • Parrot beak clamp – It is a variant to the wrench. They are more robust and allow a greater torque to be exercised with less human force.

Cutting plumbing tools

  • Pressure clamp – They are clamps that can be immobilized with their mouth in a certain opening and thus cut, twist or tear off parts of a piece.
  • Tube cutter –  The tube cutter is a tool used to cut circular tubes at right angles. It is one of the best options before using a saw.
  • Drill – The drill is the most common tool at the time of having to perform some drilling on a hard surface.

Care of plumbing tools
The plumbing tools do not need much care as they are mostly simple tools. The greatest care that should be given to these tools is their cleaning and drying after use.

If the proper cleaning is not carried out and they are not stored in dry and clean places they can deteriorate quickly, for example, filling with rust.

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